35mm, black and white
Personal project
32 photographs

A Vienna’s peripheral imaginary that aims to outline a cartography of heartrending and melancholic perceptions about the most disadvantaged classes of society who live displaced in remote and humble areas of the buoyant Austrian capital, renowned and distinguished, however, for leading the rankings that determine the best quality of life worldwide, which makes for a true but perhaps only partial scenario.

This suggestive vision of the forgotten side of Vienna, far from the prosperity transmitted by the predominant middle-class comfort, the tourism impact in the central districts or the monumentalism of its lavish imperial history, does not just stop around the environment of the people who exist on the fringes of the progress generated in this city, but also aspires to explore the meaning of the periphery as a conceptual phenomenon with regard to the own limits of the human condition and the search for a photographic discourse that enhance it.

Another way to relate to Viennese identity and its peculiar idiosyncrasy through an intimate universe that concentrates on evoking a compendium of gestures, looks and spaces destined to offer an approach to the mainly social and aesthetic singularities and divergences that detail its boundaries, as well as propose a contemplation toward the emotional confluence between the non places of the suburbs and the attributes of their occupants.

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