Donau entzündet

35mm, color
Personal project
44 photographs

The perception that life flows like the current of a river corresponds to a concept widely used in creative terms as a metaphor to evoke the course of our ephemeral existence and its vicissitudes. In this way, because the sudden outbreak of a worldwide epidemic has plunged the whole civilization into a severe health crisis with a vast socio-economic impact, the purpose of this project concentrates on stimulating a suggestive introspection about the nature of fear and loss through a concise amalgam of experiences and sensations accumulated during this period of collective uncertainty and civil unrest mainly around the Viennese section of the Danube, one of the most important and mighty rivers in Europe.

Therefore, with the latent and concealed presence of the Danube and its regulated canal across the city as a common thread of the visual and narrative discourse, is the becoming of events within the social and political sphere, according to the natural passing of time in a crucial period in our history, which mostly guides and determines the development of this photographic array, submerged by the flood of circumstances and adversities that afflict humanity nowadays. However, given the need to approach the issue through an intimate disposition able to combine and transmit also the implicit reflection of my own anguishes and obsessions in this regard, the illustrative substance of this work is ultimately fuelled by inertias and vestiges that presage the conjecture of a convulsed and discouraging consciousness in relation to the subjective consequences that the pandemic has caused at a particular level in the individual or in certain sectors of society.

Likewise, as in many other places in the world, a profuse stream of Covid sceptics has emerged and grown in Vienna as well, politicizing the problematic through a populist stance and focusing their disagreements from a conservative and patriotic ideological background. Nationalist slogans, flags of the Republic of Austria and identity symbols have filled their bustling and sometimes unauthorized demonstrations against prevention measures stipulated by the current government, in tune with the interest of political movements linked to the most radical or extreme right-wing and instrumentalizing some unfavourable sectors of population by denying the epidemic, mistrusting the press and rejecting the vaccine under conspiracy theories and craving for power.

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