35mm, color and b&w
Personal project
27 photographs

In response to my long-standing social and artistic concerns about street photography, I began to develop a series of candid portraits mainly in the streets of Vienna, using an old analog camera and a 50mm lens. Thus, due to my desire to achieve my own style and distance myself from the path that other photographers had traced within the same plot, I decided to adopt some characteristic features to infuse unity to the set of images and establish a pattern that defines it.

Therefore, an outstanding and irreverent proximity to the selected subject, gazes that tend to approach the receiver directly or the search for a melancholic atmosphere, even when certain portraits are conjugated in a humorous key, make up some of the most significant aesthetic aspects of these photographs, whose theme lies in the capture of unusual faces that aim to transmit a mood of peripheral and marginal condition.

According to this concept, one of the main nuances is to propose a thought about the latent beauty and the inherent charisma in terms of photogenic quality that resides in the truth of the human face, the marks of the passage of time and the traces of a tough life, especially when the appearance of the protagonists challenges the aesthetic and cultural conventions ingrained in our society today and do not correspond to people who receive too much attention in this field.

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